How can I prevent the delivery company from requiring a signature for my deliveries?

Not all deliveries require signatures, but some do. The delivery companies such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx have a form on their websites that allow you opt-out of the signature requirement.

If I rent the apartment, can I still install Zesec?

Yes! Zesec has no impact at your apartment. The neighbors are unaffected by your use of Zesec. Keep your old knob around so that you can put it back before you move out. You can bring Zesec with you.

Do I need permits or to ask my neighbors?

No, Zesec only upgrades and effect your home. It has no effect on the neighbors and does not require permits.

Do my normal keys still work?

Yes, your keys still work. Nothing is changed on your building, so of course your keys still work for you.

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted access?

If you give another Zesec user unrestricted access, you basically give admin rights to this specific user. That means you are allowing this user to see, add or delete all users, time windows or services associated with your location.

How many users can I invite in the Zesec app to my location?

The Zesec app allows you (as an administrative user) to invite as many additional users to your Zesec as you like. We recommend, however, to not have more than 10 active users at any given time.

I have several Zesec systems for different places. How can I display all my locations in the Zesec app?

If you have multiple places, you can easily add any additional location to the Zesec app. To do this, just click on the + sign icon at the right top of the starting screen and make it step by step.

Is Zesec one only for me?

No, it is for you, your family and guests. In the Zesec app you can easily invite others to your location and give them restricted or unrestricted rights. By doing so, not only you but also your family and guests can enter your home keyless.

How secure is Zesec?

Zesec relies on highly advanced encryption methods when it comes to data transmission. In comparison to your physical lock at your entrance door, they are unbreakable. In order to prevent cyber-attacks, all communication between app and backend is encrypted using TLS 1.2. Upon user creation, in the app the password is hashed in the user’s phone and transmitted securely, via TLS to the backend. The user passwords are hashed with the SHA256 algorithm and the key for the algorithm is derived from PBKDF2. Also, the communication between hardware and backend is encrypted using AES-256. Each device uses a different 256-bit long key to encrypt and decrypt the communication.

Can I always leave my key at home when I have a Zesec?

No, we still recommend you take the key with you in case nobody else is at home. We do our best to make Zesec 100% reliable, but some things (e.g. Wi-Fi problems) are simply not under our control.